Car Buying Guide for New and Used Vehicles

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My name is Carlton Wolf, I've been in the retail and wholesale car business for over 18 years. My car buying guide will walk you through the process of buying a new or used vehicle.

I also provide you with invaluable information on how to acquire low interest car loans, extended warranty tips, auto insurance advice, and how to avoid car dealer scams.

The process of researching, buying and selling cars is riddled with obstacles that the untrained, or unaware individual can seriously lose money without the correct knowledge.

I'm willing to share my experience to help you navigate through the car buying process to help you save the most money at each step when buying your next new or used vehicle.

What Makes Auto Cheat Sheet Different?

There are some very good free, "how to buy a new or used car" websites from retired professionals and self proclaimed consumer advocates on the web. I have read every inch of them and I have to say some know what they're talking about, and some don't.

What separates' the Auto Cheat Sheet? Always consider the source...I've owned and ran multiple car dealerships. I've worked the day-to-day grind of car sales, finance, and service. I'm the guy that trained car salesmen and finance managers to overcome objections from car buyers such as yourself. By reading the Auto Cheat Sheet, you will be able to venture through the entire car buying process with confidence, and save money when purchasing your next new or used vehicle.

Why get information second hand, when you can get it from the source?

Even with all these free car buying guides on the Internet, there are millions of uneducated car buyers that still tend to stumble into dealerships and give away all of their hard earned money. I just don't understand it?

However, if it wasn't for all the uneducated car buyers paying too much for their cars, smart car buyers wouldn't receive as good of a deal.

Guide Through the Auto Cheat Sheet |

Auto Cheat Sheet will teach you step by step:

There is endless information included within Auto Cheat Sheet. I will show you how to do all of the above and much more without ever having to do any of the haggling or hassling that comes with the car buying process.

Knowledge is Power!

The secret to getting the best deal when buying a car is to do your homework and "Be Prepared". The Auto Cheat Sheet provides the information that you need to stay focused on saving yourself money. Why buy expensive books and read web sites that cloud your head with needless information, to the point that you are more confused than when you started the research in the first place?

Understanding the Auto Cheat Sheet |

What I'm providing you is an easy to follow road map through the car buying process that will save you money, and help you to avoid any car buying scams. I want to show you how to get the best deal you can, and not have you become another high profit car sale at the dealership.

If a car dealer decides to cheat, why shouldn't you?

The Auto Cheat Sheet makes it possible for you to be prepared for negotiation, without sending up red flags to anyone in the dealership that you have such vital information. By reading the Auto Cheat Sheet you will be able to recognize any car dealer scams or tactics that may be used on you.

The Auto Cheat Sheet is like having your own personal negotiation coach in your back pocket.

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